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Meaning and Purpose

My wedding day was more meaningful than yesterday. What makes some days more meaningful than others? I believe the meaning of an event to an individual derives from the impact of that event on the individual.

My wedding was not meaningful to the caterers who patiently served my family that day. Meaning is in the memory of the beholder and is therefore relative.

My great grandfathers met my great grandmothers, and begot those that begot those that begot me. The moments of their meetings impacted me greatly, but I do not know anything about them, and they are not meaningful to me. Many great inventions and ideas impact me daily, but are not meaningful to me.

Meaning is not synonymous with impact. Meaning derives from our memories, and the impact of these memories.

Meaning is recursively derived. For example, the meaning in my relationship with my wife is derived from the meaning of many days spent together.